from 18 Août 2018 to 19 Août 2018

FULL ! Gourmet Rally through Geneva's wine region 2018: around Bernex


Welcome to the 5th edition of the Gourmet Rally through Geneva's wine region

The idea: participants walk about 8 km along a relatively easy trail to meet wine producers and sample their wines paired with food prepared by local artisans. A perfect way to discover the beautiful Geneva countryside! 

During the walk you'll receive two starters, a main dish, a cheese platter, dessert and the various breads served along the meal are made by some of the Canton's top artisan-bakers. 

This year, the departure (including welcome coffee/croissant) and arrival point will be around Bernex!

At the departure point, you will also receive a questionnaire to be returned at the end of the walk. Some of the answers are provided along the itinerary on info panels. If you find all the correct answers you will participate in a draw to win vouchers for local "terroir" restaurants. 


  • You can register either for the 18th or for the 19th of August, at any departure time. 
  • The "red trail" (parcours rouge) or "blue trail" (parcous bleu) are exatly the same, just circling in opposite directions to avoid huge crowds walking on the same circuit. 
  • To ensure a smooth organization for everyone, it is really important that you stick to the departure time you selected and come timely. 
  • The rally usually lasts about 5 hours but you go at your own individual pace. 
  • Detailed information will be sent to participants in due time before departure.

Adults: CHF 80.-
Children until 16 years old : CHF 40.- 

Mandatory registration : 

Itinerary not adapted for strollers. Good walking shoes recommended.

CHF CHF 80.- adults & CHF 40.- children (up to 16 years old).-
  • Date(s)
    from 18 Août 2018 to 19 Août 2018