21 May 2022

Open winneries day !


Post tenebras lux !*
After the dark comes the light! Saturday 21 May see the return of THE Open Wineries Day throughout the Geneva countryside. More than 70 cellars invite you to join them and discover their wines – a warm and friendly shared time!

A date with quality
Geneva, the third largest wine-producing canton in Switzerland, enjoys a special place with its three distinct regions: the Mandement, the area between the “Arve et Rhône” (Lully, Bernex, Soral, etc.) and between the “Arve et Lac” (Jussy, Anières, Gy, etc.). Saturday 21 May more than 70 wineries throughout the canton will welcome the population to present the surprising 2021 vintage as well as wines matured in oak from the excellent 2020 vintage. This day of discovery provides the occasion to take a wonderful hike in the Geneva countryside, to wander from one village to the next in these three regions, each of which has its own character.

The day “pass” and an engraved glass
The Open Wineries Day “pass” is a pin designed by renowned international artist Zep, who is also responsible for the event’s poster. The pass is sold for CHF20 directly by the wineries. The pass gives the right to the famous wine tasting glass designed specially by the company Univerre. It provides a quality tasting experience; the base is engraved with the canton’s coat of arms.

Bus and train for the Open Wineries Day
To make it easier to get around the Geneva countryside the event is working with the TPG transport company, with free shuttles that make it easy to move from one village to another. The CFF train company is putting additional trains on the Geneva-La Plaine line (there is a fee; up to 4 trains an hour at the end of the day).
Shuttle right shore
Shuttle left shore

The list of all participating wineries for this 21 May Open Wineries Day will follow ont this page.

*Post tenebras lux (Luxury, following the darkness) Geneva’s slogan

Cave de Lully, Lully/Bernex

Cave de Sézenove, Sézenove/Bernex
Cave des Chevalières, Soral
Domaine Dugerdil-Gubler, Cave de Genève/Choully/Satigny
Cave et Domaine les Perrières, Peissy/Satigny
Cave les Baillets, Russin
Cave Samuel Battiaz, Soral
Cave les Coudrays, Choulex
Cave les Crêtets Peissy/Satigny
Château Laconnex,Laconnex
Christian Guyot, Bernex
Domaine Château L'Evêque, Jussy
Domaine de Beauvent, Bernex
Domaine de Chafalet, Dardagny
Domaine de Chambet, Gy
Domaine de Champlong, Avusy
Domaine de Champvigny, Bourdigny/Satigny
Domaine de Cherre, Choulex
Domaine de Crève Cœur, Choulex
Domaine de la Clé de Sol, Choully/Satigny
Domaine de la Côte d'Or, Anières
Domaine de la Devinière, Satigny
Domaine de la Guérite, Gy
Domaine de la Mermière, Soral
Domaine de la Pierre aux Dames, Troinex
Domaine de la Planta, Dardagny
Domaine de la Printanière, Avully
Domaine de la Roche 1859, Dardagny
Domaine de la Rose des Vents, Laconnex
Domaine de la Tour, Meinier
Domaine de la Touvière, Meinier
Domaine de la Vigne Blanche, Cologny
Domaine de l'Orcy, Cave de Genève SA, Collex-Bossy
Domaine de Miolan, Choulex
Domaine d'En Bruaz, Meinier
Domaine des Abeilles d'Or, Choully/Satigny
Domaine des Alouettes, Bourdigny/Satigny
Domaine des Balisiers, Peney-Dessous/Satigny
Domaine des Bonnettes, Lully/Bernex 
Domaine des Bossons, Lully/Bernex
Domaine des Champs-Lingot, Chevrens
Domaine des Charmes, Peissy
Domaine des Crêts-Malval, Dardagny
Domaine des Curiades, Lully/Bernex
Domaine des Dix Vins, Hermance
Domaine des Esserts, Dardagny
Domaine des Faunes, Dardagny
Domaine des Grands-Buissons, Sézenove/Bernex
Domaine des Graves, Athenaz
Domaine des Groubeaux, Corsier
Domaine des Ménades, Anières
Domaine des Molards, Russin
Domaine des Oulaines, Lully/Bernex
Domaine des Pendus, Peney-Dessous/Satigny
Domaine des Rothis, Dardagny
Domaine des Trois Etoiles, Peissy/Satigny
Domaine du Château Collex, Collex-Bossey
Domaine du Château de Rougemont, Soral
Domaine du Château des Bois, Satigny
Domaine du Château du Crest, Jussy
Domaine du Clos de la Zone, Gy
Domaine du Centaure, Dardagny
Domaine du Courtil, Avully 
Domaine du Manoir, Hermance
Domaine du Paradis, Satigny
Domaine Dugerdil, Dardagny
Domaine les Hutins, Dardagny
Domaine les Lolliets, Soral
Domaine les Parcelles, Anières
Domaine Pilet-Falquet, Cave de Genève SA, Collonges-Bellerive
Domaine Villard & Fils, Anières
Ferme Jaquet, Meinier
Les Gondettes, Choully/Satigny
Les Vallières, Satigny
Les Vins de la Gara, Jussy
Paul-Henri Soler, Meyrin
Stéphane et Léo Dupraz, Soral
Cave et Domaine de la République et Canton de Genève, Lully/Soral


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    21 mai 2022